Month: February 2014
Technology, the Web, life hacks, and more
Why I love Microsoft OneNote BY Kim Skimmons

Microsoft OneNote[T]he biggest thing that kept me from moving from the PC to a Mac a few years ago was one program: OneNote. I love this program and couldn’t see functioning without it.  Yes, my Mac-enthusiast friends all insisted that surely there must be a Mac program that does the same thing at some silly Microsoft program — and ten times better by the way. It was just inconceivable to them that Microsoft could actually have a product that beat the pants off anything the Mac could offer. More on that in a sec.

What is OneNote?

Simply put:  Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking program.  But it is oh so much more than that.  It is a beautiful, organized, intuitive repository for any kind of notes you can dream up.  It works the way you do. (more…)

Stripping 101 BY Kim Skimmons

[W]hat a teaser of a title, right? Sorry to disappoint, but while this post is not at titillating as the title suggests, it nonetheless addresses a very common problem that nearly all of my clients encounter at some point concerning layout issues — especially font size, font style, and line spacing — that suddenly appear after updating the content of a webpage on their site and which the client cannot figure out how to remedy despite numerous attempts. That’s usually when my phone rings. (more…)