Custom WordPress Websites BY Kim Skimmons

What is WordPress?

custom WordPress websites[W]ordPress is an open-source (i.e., non-proprietary) cloud-based website creation platform and content management system (CMS). Other similar CMS’s include names like Drupal and Joomla.

WordPress is enormously popular today because of it’s relative ease-of-use for non-technical people, the number of add-on features (called “plugins”) that are available to enhance the functionality of your WordPress site, and the low cost of entry to create a highly functional website.

Originally started as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved to create all sorts of websites from blogs to traditional “brochure sites.”


What We Do

We begin by determining your site’s requirements. Then we conceptualize your site using various WordPress theme layouts. Themes can be purchased or created from scratch. From there, we work to customize the layout, look and feel, plugins, and content arrangement of the site until we achieve the exact look that we want.

Solid Design:

As with all our websites, we work with you to ensure that your new website is a strong representation of your organization, is well organized, is attractive, meets the needs of your site’s visitors, and draws prospective customers or clients in.

Your website is a site of which you will be proud to say: “Go to my website…”


Additional Services

Logo design or other graphic design

Advanced SEO


Image/photo cropping, resizing or editing



Pricing depends on many factors, including number of pages, graphics (including images, slideshows, video, etc.) needed, content needed, plugins needed, level of customization needed and so forth. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.