Team+ Development Team BY Kim Skimmons

We know a guy…

Advanced optimization and marketing strategy, copywriting, custom databases, custom applications, ecommerce, branding, print graphics…

We can’t be experts at everything! And more importantly, we don’t pretend to be.

But we do know a lot of smart and talented people. So when our projects require specialized skills beyond our own, we call on our hand-picked local pros to lend their expertise.

Who are these people?

They’re local professionals like us whom we’ve gotten to know through various projects over the years. All are local to the Maryland/DC area, so if we ever want to get together for a cup of coffee to discuss a project we can do that. And we do sometimes!

Why keep it local?

I felt it was important to keep it local for a number of reasons:

First, I am a firm believer in supporting your local communities and businesses.

Second, I feel that people tend to do a better job when they know that there’s a chance they might run into their colleagues at the supermarket, the PTA meeting or the baseball field. They are more invested in the project because it’s more personal.

Third, the Internet, for all its greatness, has introduced a level of abstraction in business that makes it easy for service providers like us to be less connected with the real people (humans) involved in the work. And that’s not such a good thing. Given a choice, I choose being really connected and not just virtually connected.

Fourth, while it would be pretty easy and extremely more profitable to me to outsource work to India, Russia, or any number of other places, I’m just not that into that. Cheaper isn’t always better. There are other factors to consider.