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TeamSnap cloud-based sports league management solutions[W]e all know what a headache managing a sports league is.  The schedules, the rainouts, the registrations, the endless strings of emails!

Sister Webs can save your sanity by creating an integrated league management system for your organization that takes care of all the painful organizational problems. Well, almost all… nothing can help with those nasty parent emails 😉

TeamSnap is a cloud-based system designed for managing a single team or an entire league or club. We’ve been a TeamSnapper since 2012 after discovering it for our own youth sports team needs, and we’ve been fans ever since!

Features* we love include:


Your entire league under one roof.

Keep all of your coaches and managers organized by putting your entire league under one roof with our league and club management products, cleanly integrated from top to bottom.

Administrators can easily assign rosters and managers on a team level, perform scheduling duties on a division level, and keep everyone informed on a league level.


TeamSnap cloud-based sports league management solutions. Public website screenshot.

Customize with your own header and background images, logo, colors, and more.

CMS Website for your League or Club

A modern, professional image on the web is key to your recruitment efforts. Using TeamSnap’s friendly CMS authoring system, Sister Webs creates a professional, customized website for your league or club. In theory, you could do this yourself, it’s that easy, but to have a polished professional-looking site you need a designer like us.

Enhance the team experience.

Your league/club site can automatically link to secure (login required) mini sites for each of your teams. TeamSnap team sites enhance the team experience with great features like automatic syncing to personal calendars, player availability tracking, maps to games, refreshment tracking, mobile apps and more.


TeamSnap cloud-based sports league management solutions. Registration screenshot.Eliminate Paperwork and Headaches.

The automated registration process is a piece-of-cake for players, and a huge time saver for administrators.


Stamp out data entry and re-entry.

Have players or parents enter the data, not you. When players register, the data they enter flows into the same database used for the roster management module. No syncing required. No need to manage multiple spreadsheets and re-key data from one system to another.


TeamSnap cloud-based sports league management solutions

The simple player registration process is a breeze to complete.

Super easy for parents and players.

Register quickly and easily.

Clean and simple design that anyone can use lets anyone register quickly. Your players and parents will love it.

Guide them through every step.

Add instructions to any field on the registration form, eliminating errors and reducing questions your staff has to answer.

TeamSnap cloud-based sports league management solutions. Payments screenshot.Collect payments online.

Stop handling checks and chasing down payments — collect all the money up front using the optional online payment feature. Quickly see at a glance who owes what.


TeamSnap cloud-based sports league management solutions. Roster screenshotA powerful roster system.

Watch your rosters auto-populate as players register for your league. The powerful database will retrieve any roster member within seconds, saving you time.


Powerful email communication system.

Parents and players will never be left in the dark about important events because they missed an email or phone call. TeamSnap automatically keeps them informed about all team and league activities (including last minute changes), and provides them access at home or on the go through our mobile apps.


TeamSnap cloud-based sports league management solutions. Schedule screenshotScheduling has never been easier.

Intelligent interface keeps track of your schedule history, and allows you to quickly access locations, and set events in a flash.

Every game and event is automatically kept up to date on the team schedules, so you’ll never have to worry about getting the word out because the system can send out automatic emails to team members notifying them of schedule changes.


TeamSnap cloud-based sports league management solutions. Features grid.Team features designed to save you time and make you happy Smile.

TeamSnap is the smartest and easiest way to manage your team or league. TeamSnap provides a platform of easy-to-use features that enable managers to carry out their duties from home or on the field.

Manage your schedule and roster, send messages, get maps and directions to games and practices. Get organized and spend more time playing!

* Features content taken from TeamSnap’s website. © TeamSnap